2019 Lincoln MKT Review, Specs, Colors and Price


The new 2019 Lincoln MKT will be a high end and stylish crossover. As you know, a crossover or SUV will be sporty, but it will not happen in the new Lincoln MKT. Lincoln build the MKT model as a luxurious crossover. It can accommodate up to six or seven passengers. The body design will look strong and elegant. Such a great choice for them who want to have a high-end luxurious crossover.

2019 Lincoln MKT Luxury Crossover Front Angle

The Lincoln MKT surely will be the market leader regarding style in the crossover segment. Not many car manufacturers that produce the crossover in the MKT’s way.

Lincoln do something great for their MKT model. Make it stunning and amazing in both of style and performance. Having such a great crossover will make you as a trend setter on the city way or highway.

2019 Lincoln MKT Exterior Redesign

As you expect, the Lincoln products always have the great exterior design. The Lincoln MKT will provide many great features for the exterior. The body design is stylish and elegant. It shows the identity of a high-end crossover. The body materials are also great that has lightweight but very strong. Compared to the predecessor, the new Lincoln MKT will have more elegant body design.

The front design surely will be eye-catching. The shape and body line look more stylish and aggressive than the predecessor. It makes the new MKT looks strong and elegant at the front. As a crossover, there should be a great illumination at the front. The LED headlights will make sure that you have a clear vision when driving this elegant crossover. It will be accompanied with the re-designed grille. The grille looks larger than the predecessor. It’s only to add style but also to give more air supply to the engine.

The new 2019 Lincoln MKT exterior design will beat the other crossover from other manufacturers regarding style. The bodyline, shape, and color are perfect. The Lincoln MKT surely can be a good addition to your garage. You can use it for daily use in on the city road or a long drive on the highway.

2019 Lincoln MKT Interior Changes

As a premium and high-class crossover, the new Lincoln MKT will have many premium features. It will bring many new technologies. It will make sure the style and comfort of the car. At the front, there will be ventilated and heated front seats and a panoramic sunroof. There will also double paned front windows for the upscale features.

There will be the real wood accent of the interior for the premium model of Lincoln MKT. The dashboard will be stylish and elegant. Some premium features such as a large touch screen display and the digital panel can be found on the dashboard. The dashboard design and materials will be better than the predecessor. Some other premium technologies also can be found inside the car.

The cabin size is very large and convenient. You can bring your family or friends to have a luxurious trip across the country inside the car. There will be enough space for the legs and head. The convenient cabin will be combined with the premium leather seats. Such a great combination of great comfort and style.

2019 Lincoln MKT Engine Specs

There will be three engine options for the Lincoln MKT. The 3.7-liter V6, the 3.5-liter V6 turbocharged, and the more powerful 3.5-liter V6-turbocharged engine. The 3.5-liter V6 turbocharged will be able to deliver 365 horsepower and 350 pounds of torque. The Lincoln’s engine will be combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission system and the front-wheel drive.

The Prices

The new Lincoln MKT is expected to be launched in August 2019. There is no any fix release date. How about the Lincoln MKT prices? Many car enthusiasts predict that the new Lincoln MKT will be priced starting from $43,370. So, if you want to purchase a 2019 Lincoln MKT, you need to prepare your budget from now on.

2019 Lincoln MKT Luxury Crossover Side Angle 2019 Lincoln MKT Ecoboost Rumors 2019 Lincoln MKT Interior Colors

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