2019 Lincoln MKX Black Label Premiere Review


The new 2019 Lincoln MKX will be something new for the MKX model. The first Lincoln MKX released nine years ago. It was based on the Ford Edge with some modification. But, at the first release, there was nothing special and unique from this car. It didn’t get many fans and failed to attract public attention. Other brands products in the same segment are better than the first Lincoln MKX.

2019 Lincoln MKX Luxury Crossover

But, you can expect something new and great for the upcoming Lincoln MKX 2019. It will be something new and fresh.

Although it still bases on the Ford Edge, Lincoln do many great modifications and additions. There will be many new upscale features and new technologies. This new MKX will be awesome for both exterior and interior. The body design will be stylish and elegant.

2019 Lincoln MKX Exterior Redesign

The exterior design will be the strong point from this new Lincoln MKX. Lincoln will maximize the exterior to attract the public attention. The body size and dimension will remain the same as the Ford Edge. You will be able to find many differences between the Ford Edge exterior design and the Lincoln MKX exterior design. The Lincoln MKX design is much better than the Ford Edge.

At the front, the xenon headlights can be found. It’s better than any LED headlights in many modern cars. The headlights look elegant and have good illumination for any conditions. Surely it will be a strong point of the Lincoln MKX. The standard Ford Edge Grille also get re-designed. It comes with a better style and larger size. It gives a good air supply to the engine and also adds more style to the front.

At the back, we can still find the Fort Edge body design. But, it becomes more stylish than the Fort Edge design. The new 2019 Lincoln MKX are very stylish both at the front and the back. The taillights use the LED lights with an elegant design. It offers good visibility at the night and adds more style to the exterior. The muffler also gets modification from Lincoln. They create a good muffler with good design and exhaust system.

2019 Lincoln MKX Interior Changes

The interior design of the new Lincoln MKX will be stunning. The steering wheel will be wrapped by the premium leather. The dashboard will also get many improvements regarding features and technologies. The dashboard design will be elegant with chrome line. A large touchscreen display can be found on the dashboard. It will be the control center and the entertainment center.

The Lincoln MKX’s cabin size will remain the same as the Fort Edge. Lincoln do the best for the upcoming Lincoln MKX to make the cabin becomes elegant and comfortable. Space will be very comfortable for your legs and head. The two-row seats will be very convenient too. It is adjustable. The seats also use the premium leather to make sure the passengers getting great driving experience.

Then, there are also many other premium features such as GPS Navigation, weather climate control, USB ports, wireless, HD radio, and premium sound system. Having many modern features in a Lincoln MKX will be great. The interior design surely will make get amazed and fall in love with this car.

2019 Lincoln MKX Engine Specs

The engine of Lincoln MKX will be powerful. It will use a 3.7-liter V6 engine. The Lincoln MKX’s engine will be able to produce 303 horsepower and 278 pounds of torque. The Lincoln MKX will use a six-speed automatic transmission. The engine power will be transferred through the front-wheel drive system. SO, the Lincoln MKX engine will be ready to be used for daily use in any road condition.

The Prices

How about the prices of the new Lincoln MKX? Lincoln has not released any information about the prices. But, many people expect that the Lincoln MKX will be priced around $38,100. So, are you interested in having the 2019 Lincoln MKX in your garage?

2019 Lincoln MKX Interior Colors2019 Lincoln MKX - An intuitive approach to design 2019 Lincoln MKX Black Label Preview

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