2019 Nissan IDX Price, Specs and Release Date


Nissan will release lots of cars in the future and one of them, 2019 Nissan IDX starts to grab people’s attention due to its look. IDX attracts everyone with its unique and classy look that is so old school. Besides, there are also other features that are prepped by the car. Therefore, we will talk more about any changes that are given for the car. Without further ado, let’s find out more about it.

2019 Nissan IDX Sports Car Concept

2019 Nissan IDX Specs and Release Date

Some of information that are collected stated that there will be several options of engine that are prepped for the car. The engines are 1.2L, 1.5L, and 1.8L without any reports about its output for example, the car’s HP and torque.

The other information that comes is, the car uses CVT transmission that boost car’s fuel efficiency and performance. Besides, we also see that the car will get 6 automatic speed transmission system. Based on the car’s engine, the car may get adequate engine performance.

We have already stated before that, 2019 Nissan IDX starts to gain people’s attention due to its unique look. It uses old-school bodyline design combined with sporty and modern design that is seen on the exterior. It is more like a work of art that is seen on the car’s exterior.

For 2019 IDX, the car gets new bumper design that turns the car to be better. Besides, sharp hood, grille becomes other addition included as the change for the car’s exterior. We give a perfect score for the car’s visual due to the creativity of company in creating it.

The car gets old school look too inside the cabin. It’s more like kind of muscle car looks that so masculine and comfortable. As the improvement, the car comes with fine quality that is seen on the car’s seat and dashboard.

We still not sure about what kind of features come around but it seems that the car will get several standard features for the car’s safety and entertainment. Besides, we also hope for getting high-tech features for the car in the end.

2019 Nissan IDX Release date and price

Either Nissan or other professional doesn’t give any information yet about the release date and price. For the release date of 2019 Nissan IDX, we predict that the car will be released at 2019 or even earlier at the end of 2017 but it might be changed later.

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