2019 Subaru Legacy GT Sport Release Date, Specs and Price


2019 Subaru Legacy is another choice of mid-size sedan released for this year. The car is known as top-notch sedan favored by any people. There are some points about why the car is put as another popular sedan here. In this case, we like to discuss about it.

Legacy could be set as one of popular sedan cars for anyone. It’s equipped with the best element on any parts that are set. There are some points that we like to see started from its engine. The engine is equipped with efficient and agile engine.

2019 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Sport

Besides, the visual part is something that is intriguing. Subaru starts to see a good way in describing the car in good design. Not only good design but also other elements that are given there. Later, we will describe it through some explanations below.

Last thing about the car is, what kind of features that are given? Of course, there will be various features that are given. Started from its safety and other things that are put inside the car.

2019 Subaru Legacy Review

Let’s reveal the engine first. The company decides to use two kinds of engine. First, 2.5 L flat-4 is ready to empower the car. It is able to give 175 HP. If you think it’s not enough yet then you can go for the second choice.

The second choice comes from Flat-6 3.6L. There are some advantages and disadvantages that we should see from both of engine. The second engine may give more power due to its capability. However, the first engine may use few fuel due to its engine which means, it’s more efficient.

It’s back to you again whether you are the one that love to push your car as fast as you can or, you care more about the fuel efficiency. Since, there are two kinds of engine, people are free to choose based on their needs.

For the exterior, 2019 Subaru Legacy is said as too ordinary. People said that It’s too conservative due to its simple design that is given by the company. However, there are also other things that you can see there.

Subaru sets a new design for its grille and front bumper. The grille looks different than its predecessor. Besides, the car also gets new bumper that can make everyone becomes amazed while seeing at it.

2019 Subaru Legacy Interior

The interior is looked amazing at any parts inside. Subaru starts to amaze us by showing its elegance through its design. besides, safety turned as important element that is set inside. In this case, it becomes great thing that can make everyone feels safe.

Leather is chosen as the main material set inside. Subaru did a great job by choosing white and black color as its color put inside.

Not only about its safety, Subaru also gets the latest technology on the panel. There is 6.2 or 7 inch touchscreen that is equipped on the middle part of panel. Lots of safety features are also equipped there so, it becomes great thing for us to keep us safe from any possibility of danger.

Are you ready for new Legacy? 2019 Subaru Legacy is ready to be released at 2016 and cost for $21.995.

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