2019 Toyota Supra Price, Engine Specs, Release Date


One of popular movie showed how great Supra was. After long time discontinued, Toyota plans to revive the next generation of Supra in 2019. 2019 Toyota Supra is on the way to be released as soon as possible. Supra had renowned as sport car that has superiority than competitors. Automotive fans can hardly wait for this car.

2019 Toyota Supra Price Estimate

2019 model is rumored to be completely new design and specifications. Toyota has extended Supra brand as trademark. It is clearly that this sport car will on the street several years ahead. After more than ten years, there is possible successor of Supra. Concept car has been showed to public in many car exhibitions. Customers must keep their pocket for this moment. When time come, this superb car will be your solely vehicle.

2019 Toyota Supra Specs and Changes

2019 Toyota Supra specifications will be different from old model. The last 2002 used 3.0 liter which produced 320 hp. However, Toyota changes 2019 model to new sport hybrid class. Although, electric and fuel are primary engines, overall powertrain is more than 400 hp.

Upgrades and advancement can be found in driving control system. With this kind of engine, Supra will be intended to be the daily usage sport car. Fuel efficiency makes this car has economically advantage. Besides, electric engine is very eco-friendly for environment that can reduce air pollution.

2019 Toyota Supra appearance might need a lot of attention. First generation looked box shape type, and the latest production applied curve slide design. 2019 model is more aesthetic and elegant. New front side is lower to reduce air pressure when it is driven in high speed driving. As compact car size, Supra maintains length and width to fit on regular ones. The more attractive design is on right and left sides. There are exclusively curveting lines. As modern car, some small integrated cameras have been placed to increase safety system. On rear side, new lamp is seemed modern and futuristic.

2019 Toyota Supra Interior Changes

With elegant design on exterior, interior should have more sophisticated things. High quality leather case makes driver feel comfortable in driving. New suspension creates stability. Cabin is soundproof than can isolate passengers from noisy sound from outside. Modern panel can be seen in touchscreen display at front dashboard.

All panels can be operated just by one touch. Driver will be informed about traffic, weather, and road condition through internet connection. 2019 model put integrated GPS and safety into one system. Actually, concept car had been showed since 2007. The price of new model is estimated about $60,000. Therefore 2019 will be the special moment when Toyota gives market new 2019 Toyota Supra.

2019 Toyota Supra Interior Changes2019 Toyota Supra Concept Spied 2019 Toyota Supra Engine HP

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