2019 Toyota Tundra Diesel and TRD Pro Price, Redesign, Release Date

Tundra has long history as one of prominent premium pickup. To make customer satisfied, next model of Toyota Tundra gives plenty of features. 2019 Toyota Tundra will make a huge attention for automotive customers. It is pickup car that can be used in many ways. At first sight, it might be similar with other Toyota line-up. In contrary with Tacoma, tundra has high specifications. It is built to do everything.

2019 Toyota Tundra Diesel Refresh Spied

People use this car as sport vehicle in road or off-road activities. On market, it has fierce competition with other popular brand. One point that make this car is worth your money is capability. Instead of put too much steel on car frame, manufacturer reduces some unnecessary material to keep weight in balance. When it is driven in high speed, the car stability is good. Moreover, in off-road usage, driver can handle without any problem.

2019 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Redesign and Changes

2019 Toyota Tundra exterior is superb. Toyota changes old front bumper with more bold line frame. New lamp on front and rear are equipped with LED. They help driver in night, rain, and snow condition. There are several models of tundra on market that each of them uses specific trim. Another exterior tool is hidden camera to reduce driver blind spot. Overall appearance of this car is elegant and sporty. As pickup, it is built in strong metal and high durability. To maneuver on tight corner, chassis has been well improved. Limited edition of tundra is available with premium design.

2019 Toyota Tundra can be classified as premium pickup. Growing demand in sporty pickup makes manufacturer releases this car. On interior side, you will find modern panels. Touchscreen display is standard mode for modern car. The car has high-tech safety and security system. It is proven with many awards that have been bestowed. Passengers are protected with double seat belts and dual airbags. As mid-size truck, it has two cabin modes. There are regular variant with two seats and double cab version. The seats are covered with luxury case. To attract more buyers, Toyota puts audio, video, navigation, and wireless connection on this car.

2019 Toyota Tundra Diesel Engine Specs

The next generation of Tundra uses several engines. The lowest capacity is 4.0 liter V6. It produced 270 hp and no longer in production since 2014. On market, customers can choose 4.8 or 5.7 liter V8. Both of them produce 310 and 381 hp respectively. The other upgrades are traction control and suspensions. This car has some transmissions.

Although, there are no significant alteration since 2016, new Tundra model still attract many customers. Primary sales come from US and Canada. Toyota makes $29,000 as its base price. Each of Tundra have different prices. At the end, customers need time to get 2019 Toyota Tundra.

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