2020 BMW M3 G80 AWD Release Date and Specs


2020 BMW M3 could be faster and more efficient as it is provided in hybrid drivetrain also as the option. This iconic BMW M3 is offered with an electric selection of engines which is introduced since year 1985. Some changes on the design of exterior and interior as well as the engine will bring this car into a great performance.

2020 BMW M3 Gets Second Minor Facelift

2020 BMW M3 Exterior and Interior Design

For the exterior design, it doesn’t look much changes on it. Only modify for some parts such as a little bit the top end renovation. At the first impression, it has similar overall look like the latest BMW M3 and only the features and taillamps has been modified with new program and it is using the high-technology LED. Might be it is a bit difficult to find the different with the predecessors. Some people may dissapoint as there is no significant improvement we can find on it. But, believe in particular the previous design of this BMW M3 series already has an excellent external perspective then the finish redefinition is worthless and it has been considered by the company.

The interior part will have some changes to enhance car’s comfort and performance capabilities. It will have a lot of steel and graphite trim and get a better better prepared to protect the inside aspect component of the car. The greater seats will be placed near to the top end to give more comfort feels. This car will figure out with modern and awesome features with recommended features for a greater planning stage. The features for safety system will be available also by the new expert course-plotting system plus the performance of Connected Generate.

2020 BMW M3 Engine Specification

This upcoming BMW M3 will follow the path of innovation blazed by its predecessors. It will be launched with a gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid drivetrain as a first in the nameplate’s ilustrious history. It is built using tehcnology gleaned from BMW’s eco-friendly sub-brand. The plug-in hybrid direvtrain will be available in 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged straight-six similar to the one that powers the current model and either one or two electric motors. It creates power on arround 425 horsepower.

This electric motors will create power approximately 73 foot-pounds of torque which is means this next BMW M3 will offer around 479 foot-pounds of twist in its most basic state of tune. While, fhe hybrid version of BMW M3 will boast an all-electric driving range which can reach up to 20 miles and it will return better gas mileage than the existing model. It rates at 17 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway.

2020 BMW M3 Price and Release Date

The launching date of this new BMW M3 still not announce yet officially. But most probably it will come in the summer season of next year 2019 or latest on early year of 2020. Regarding the price, this new 2020 BMW M3 will get the price starting from $66.000 more or less for the base model.

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