2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Redesign and Concept


2020 Dodge Challenger will bring a new hope for the company since the currently selling worse than both of its main rivals and it can’t really compete with them once it comes to the driving characteristics. The company is going to do something to increase the sale and they release an entirely new version of this new 2020 Dodge Challenger. It looks like that this car will be a massive step over compare to its predecessors. Some changes such as no more using aging LC platform which has been for nearly two decades. It such a surprise as this new Dodge Challenger will use the same architecture as the ongoing Maserati Quattroporte.

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2020 Dodge Challenger Interior and Exterior Design

As we know that the competition in the market is really hard, it looks like that FCA Group want to achieve the same pricing scheme as before with cut some corners. They will make the platform out of aluminum and high strength steel to press the cost. It should give better structural rigidity than before and create lower weight without increase the cost too much. The more modern front end with a curvier feel to it will be provided on this new car.  The overall look of this sedan is simple, modern, and unique design. You will recognize that this car is really suitable in high-class and more interesting but in average price.

The interior design of this new Dodge Challenger will be available with much more clever layout as well as a longer wheelbase. It will be available with four seats and it will likely be smaller than before. Even though, it still offer the same amount of space so the people will still feel comfortable. The cabin design is going to maintain the retro-touch of its predecessors which many people loved. The quality of the material and the finish are expected to be improved than previous model.

2020 Dodge Challenger Engine Specification

This new upcoming Dodge Challenger will be likely not use 5.7-liter and 6.4-liter with V8 engine anymore. Believe, the new car won’t be less powerful than before. While, the base model  should boast 2.0-liter turbo-four which can produce up to 300 horsepower and 300 lb-feet of torque. And the higher-end versions of this new car is likely going to use Maserati-engines. Besides, these V6 and V8 mills would likely come with twin-turbocharged. It should provide power around 400 and over 600 horsepower and as much 600 lb-feet of torque. These engines will be supported with 8-speed automatic transmission system but the manual gearbox might still be available on some base models.

2020 Dodge Challenger Price and Release Date

As of know we haven’t seen any development prototype up to this point. Based on rumors, this new car will be launched soon in the end of year 2019. Regarding the price, this new 2020 Dodge Challenger will be started at price $30.000 for base model.

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