2020 Ford Ranger Raptor Diesel Price and Specs


One of the most interesting news this day that are quite popular is of course the new 2020 Ford Ranger. As we already know ford ranger is one of the most popular car that are being released by Ford. This truck type car in the past quite popular and has become one of the main truck car in the states. However, in the present day the popularity of the truck is not as it is before.

2020 Ford Ranger Compact Pickup will Returns

Due to this reason alone, it is a good idea to know about this new truck car made by Ford. As we already expected, this new truck car is the latest variation of the old Ford ranger. We can say that it is the new continuation of the Ford Ranger. With variety of improvements, this truck car will become one of the most interesting truck car.

The new improvements that will take place into this car is going to be very unique. Several improvements that will be taken place is going to be applied into the car interior, exterior and engine. With these plan in mind, of course we are really excited on the final product of this new truck. However, for you who want to dive into the details then here are some of the information we can share to you.

2020 Ford Ranger Raptor Engine

Before we begin to talk about the interior and also exterior changes we need to talk about the car engine changes. Yes, as we already stated before, this new car will be having new engine improvements and changes. The new engine that will be applied as the base engine it going to be TDCi 3.2 liter engine. This engine offer 197 horsepower and EPA ratings that are 21 mpg for city and 30 mpg for highway.

Other than that engine there are also other engine that will be applied into this car. The next engine is TDCi Duratorq engine with 2.2 liter capacity. This engine offer a well-rounded horsepower of 158 horsepower. On the final note we also getting Duratec engine with 2.5 liter capacity which also being supported with direct injection and 163 horsepower.

2020 Ford Ranger Redesign

Moving on from the engine we go to the car design which means the new exterior for the 2020 Ford Ranger. There are many interesting improvements that are worthy to be told about. For examples the car new exterior will introduce a brand new features and restyle which makes the truck car design feels modern and up to date.

Some of the improvements that can be seen ranges from the new contemporary looks. There are also crossover design feels and new changes on the car exterior. One of the changes can be seen on the fog lights and headlights. These lights design offer simple and similar design with the last design. However the most noticeable changes is that the new lights looks angular in terms of design.

Other than the exterior we can also expect major improvements on the car interior. This can be seen on a variety of new high tech features previous car does not have. Some of the changes such as car LCD touch screen and also new interior design with premium material. Premium material ranges from ne cabin upholstering material which now using premium leather to improve the car comfort value.

2020 Ford Ranger Release date and Price

One of the many information that are being sought after this car is the price information and also its release date. According to the many information that we can found and also of course from the official itself, this car will be released on the year of 2020. Of course the date and month is unknown right now. However, for the price itself it is revealed that 2020 Ford ranger is priced for $50.000 for the basic model.

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