2020 Jaguar XJ Coupe Redesign and Interior Changes


Jaguar seems will commit to create next generation of 2020 Jaguar XJ. The car that they will produce will have styling design with new technology booted in the system. Following the brand, this car will be a luxurious type. In the body construction it will bring modern and luxury theme in the market. The aluminum body that it used points out very enchanting look. And how is about the specs?

2020 Jaguar XJ R Sport White Colors

2020 Jaguar XJ Specification Rumors

This will be Jaguar sedan car with satisfying turbocharged performance. This car is expected to get 5.0L with V8 powertrain. It expectedly gives power. The horsepower may reach up to 550 hp while the torque is 680 Nm. By this, it can show great performance with totally high speed. By this engine technology system, the speed can reach up to 4.4 second from 0-100 km.

Not only the engine system that working perfectly the other parts also supports great performance to the car as well. The chassis, axles, and tires with suspension work well together. As a premium sporty car, this will have a front – engine type for the standard. It will probably use AWD or RWD model type. Talking about premium engine, this probably be the same with 2020 Jaguar XJ redesign.

2020 Jaguar XJ Redesign Revealed

This 2020 Jaguar XJ will enter the segment for sport car. However, this will not just be casual sport car but premium car with totally sporty look. It will have coupe in the body style. Along with that, the exterior will look aesthetic. The style will be more sleek and curving. This brings more elegant in face. Some of new features will be used to change the old ones.

This car will have new LED lamps for daytime running light. The grille looks excellent with a diamond style. The color is black with a glossy look, creating brighter model. The new headlight will be given with a new taillight as well. In the interior level, some adding stuff will be added. It is like the new cool deck, clear view mirror, entertaining feature system.

Some stuff that is created for this next generation Jaguar XJ is like the new display model for the screen display, USB port and connectivity. The luxurious that the car want to bring about is seen clearer from the premium leather material. This material is used for the seat and some of the parts. The material only uses the premium one that can control relaxing performance.

Even though this car is a sport high rare car that brings high top speed but you can still deal with the comfort. This 2020 Jaguar XJ will have aluminum brushed in the carbon body frame. The light weight combining with powerful speed, it is great performance.

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