2020 Lincoln MKX Redesign and Release Date


Looking for a good car today should be thought more from the perspective of benefits. As you get a lot of things to do, the car which comes with great capabilities is something which is unavoidable. Talking about great car, here, you better get the SUV as this kind of car provides you with better potential. Among many, my recommendation for great SUV falls to the 2020 Lincoln MKX.

2020 Lincoln MKX Release Date Rumors

Lincoln MKX 2020 is actually wonderful from the performance and the usage itself. The design of this car has been improved a lot from the previous series. The design increases its capabilities of use. Not only the design, the specifications in the performance is also improved significantly and now, I will show you what this car is capable of.

The Powertrain of 2020 Lincoln MKX

In the first part, let us talk about the most important part of this car. Here, the SUV comes with really reliable engine in the heart of the motor. This engine beats wonderfully and providing a wonderful feature. The engine is the 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6 engine which is quite powerful in the horsepower and torque.

In the average usage, the SUV can provide you with the excellent power for carrying many goods. In common, the car can produce horsepower which is up to 335 horsepower. This will also be accompanied with 380 pound-feet of torque for the great power itself. This power is able to provide a great acceleration and top speed which will make you feel glad.

The additional feature of the engine in this 2020 Lincoln MKX is the EcoBoost brand. Here, the car has been designed to be friendly with environment as it does not produce annoying sound. Additionally, the car is really thrifty as it gets 18.8 mpg. Such mpg is surely something for a mid-size SUV as SUV often needs great combustion in moving its engine.

For the feature of the engine, this car has been added with the six-speed automatic transmission here. This automatic transmission provides a really nice handling as the driver should not bother themselves with changing gear. For driving the car, the 2020 MKX Lincoln comes with all-wheel drive system configuration here. This driving system provides the best result in moving controlling the car.

The Design of 2020 Lincoln MKX

In the new design of the 2020 MKX Lincoln, there are a lot of new features and designs which are given. Here, the new design takes the theme for the dynamic and futuristic look. The appearance emphasizes more in the elegant and luxury aura instead of sporty look. From the exterior, the aerodynamic design comes with curves to give strong elegancy.

The Interior of the 2020 Lincoln MKX is also one of the most interesting parts. Here, the elegancy is increased with more leather from the seating and some cover in the dashboard. Many electronic features like entertainment and navigation systems are provided for acquiring satisfaction and comfort in driving. For the price, the car is predicted to be sold at the starter price of $ 38,100.


2020 Lincoln MKX is the new series of SUV which is improved in various aspects for getting the comfort and pleasing performance along with nice appearance.

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