2020 Toyota Corolla Release Date and Specs


2020 Toyota Corolla is the car made based on the futuristic concept not only in its exterior design but also its interior. The design of the car makes its appearance as the luxurious car. The specs injected inside also are the amazing ones even for today. To get this new car, you must think more and more since you can feel a great interesting offering from this new one.

2020 Toyota Corolla Model First Look

The Design of 2020 Toyota Corolla

At first, people can look into the design of 2020 Toyota Corolla. This vehicle actually is the appropriate type for them who like the bullet vehicle design. The sense of the luxurious car can be gained even from looking in a glance into its exterior appearance. There are some touches of the futuristic vehicle model offered by Toyota through this product.

At the same time, you also can get so many options of the color liked through the car. The metallic yellow for example can be the appropriate one for you. That is especially when you like to use it in the city for showing the newest car with futuristic style. There are also some casual color choices may be chosen when you want to have the elegant car design.

Even if from its exterior design you can see a small vehicle dimension, but its interior is broad. The interior design is done based on the same concept of the luxurious car too. The driving system injected with the combination of newest technology is the interesting choice. Then, there is also some features for make you feel more satisfied installed inside.

The Specs of 2020 Toyota Corolla

The construction of the product is specifically done with some new features too in its specs. You will find the new system of its suspension combined with the more rigid chassis. That can make you feel the better driving experience through 2020 Toyota Corolla everywhere. The more stable composition gained also through the new style of its wheels found.

Let’s look then into the engine type composed in this car. The 2020 Toyota Corolla engine type will be the type of 1.5 l engine turbocharged version. Because of that, you do not need to feel afraid since this car offers the economic fuel system for the future. Besides, there is also the possible version that uses the type of 1.4 l engine version.

Through that type of its engine, the car can bring you to reach between 100 and 180 horse powers. That is enough for you who will use the car as the family car. A new offering found relating to the specs also can be noticed in the form of a new gearbox style. That is combined too with the different emission tools to be compared with its predecessors.

The Price and Its Release Date

Even if this product is said to be the luxurious vehicle, but that does not mean its price will be high one. Toyota product is popular for the basic price composed in a standard style. So, the price of the car is said to be higher than $ 20.000 but lower than $ 30.000. You do not need to have much money to get this one.

The released date planned for the car is said to be in the beginning of 2019 year. The place where the 2020 Toyota Corolla will be released firstly is in America. Luckily, the car is assumed to be sold in so many countries in the world.


2020 Toyota Corolla is the best among some luxurious cars. Its model has the futuristic touches with the standard price offered.

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