2020 VW Jetta TDI and GLI Release Date


Volkswagen or VW is one of the greatest car manufacture in the world, and they always provide the special product for their customer. One of the great car, which can be a nice choice for you, is 2020 VW Jetta. It is a new product from this manufacture, which will give a new experience in driving. Now, let us see some details about this car below.

2020 VW Jetta Spy Shots

Beautiful design of 2020 VW Jetta

What make you need to see this car as your favorite choice is the beautiful design of it. Yes, this nice 2020 VW Jetta has the new design in its interior and exterior. Of course, both new design will provide the special car to renew the sense of your journey. Then, you also will feel more confident in driving it.

Talking about the interior of this car, you’ll see a beautiful platform there. The color of this interior is calm and I am sure it will increase the comfortable sense on it. In other hand, the manufacture says that the maximal passengers of this car is five passengers. I am sure that this car may cover the need of your family when you want to go to some places.

In other hand, what make the interior of this car special is the use of leather as the material of the seat. The leather seats are nice because it may give the more comfortable sense in sitting. In other hand, it also has a new concept in some features, such as the new handle, new dashboard detail and new entertainment features. Surely, those new features will make your journey challenging!

Now, let us see the exterior of this car. Seeing the exterior of this 2020 VW Jetta, you will see a stylish body there. Yes, the body of this car is awesome with the great combination of the stylish look by its color and the simple matter as its theme. Some colors are available to be chosen but I think red or black is the best choice.

Powerful engine of 2020 VW Jetta

Now, let us see the engine of this car as the factor of its performance. The manufacture announces that they applies a new engine inside this car to improve its performance. For the detail of the engine of 2020 VW Jetta, here the manufacture applies 1.4L V4 and 2.0L V4 engine, which you can choose based on your need.

The two engines are powerful – with the bigger engine is the better choice. The manufacture says that the engine may give up to 250 HP in maximal power. I am sure that the power is big since the class of this car is sedan. With the best power inside this car, of course, you will have a great car with a nice time efficiency.

In other hand, to increase the performance of the engine, here the manufacture applies the turbo-charged technology. It is one of the great technology of car, which will increase the acceleration of car, so people will feel challenging in driving. It will be very useful especially in straight treks.

Well, based on the explanation above, 2020 VW Jetta can be the great wish list for you. Based on the gossip, this car will be ready in the middle of 2017 with $30,000 as its price.


2020 VW Jetta can be one of the special sedan for you. This car is nice in design and powerful in its new engine.

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