Ford Ecosport 2019 Price in Philippines and India


With the upcoming years, it is a common thing to see that there will be many new news about latest car development being announced. Ford also take parts on this event where they announce their latest car development dubbed the new Ford Ecosport 2019. This new car offer a unique and also interesting engine which is known to be ecofriendly or environmental friendly.

Ford Ecosport 2019 Philippines Release date

Yes. The main features that are implemented on this car has been giving some clue on why this car is unique. The ecosport just like its name will be one of the product by Ford which will be focusing on the engine and system performance. However, other than the engine it is known that the body design of this car will be much more appealing and also giving a new vibrant look

Ford Ecosport 2019 New interior and exterior design

Just as we already giving some information on the opening, this car will be having some interesting new body design. The new body design or the exterior of this car is pretty unique to give a more futuristic and stylish look. Body line and aerodynamics feature will be the main focus of this car to improve the car appeal. But not only appeal, the design is also calculated to give it a more stable and balanced design.

Ford Ecosport 2019 exterior also gives us amazing body design with new body line which give it an awesome design. In terms of design, there are several interesting improvements and one is that it is much lighter. With new body material combination this car will be lighter than the other Ford SUV design that previously made. The new front grille with three bar design will also become the main attraction of this car.

Other than that the interior design will be using a black color features which will be focusing on making the car comfortable. The new cabin now will feel larger than the other ford SUV. The new interior will also able to hold more than 6 passenger which is a major improvements. With this alone this car has been improved slightly to give it better and efficient use.

Ford Ecosport 2019 Engine Information with Release date and Price

The new engine that will be applied into this car will be far superior in terms of balance to the previous design of ford car. Additionally, it will be much more interesting and also stable in terms of performance as well. It is known that the car engine will be an ecosport engine. The ecosport engine will be having 1. 0 liter capacity and 3 cylinder specs engine.

There are also new engine addition which is the same 3 cylinder engine but with a larger capacity. The larger capacity is 1, 5 liter capacity. Both engine is known to be supported with automatic transmission system which will improve the capabilities of the engine. In terms of power this car is quite good and will be very environmental friendly due to the engine.

With all of the improvements that are taking place on both interior, exterior and also the engine. It is a good idea to know about when will this car is going to be released. According to the information and also news that escalated on the internet, it is known that this car will be released on 2019. Unfortunately there are no clear information about the exact date except that the price of the new Ford Ecosport 2019 will be $16.000 to $20.000.

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