Honda City 2019 Price in India and Pakistan


Improvements on the new car is not something that are uncommon this day. The same can also be said for the latest project developed by Honda. This new product is known as the latest Honda City 2019 which is known as one of the most popular new car that are being announced. There will be several interesting new improvements that will be applied into this car as well.

Honda City 2019 Sedan in Indonesia

The improvements that are made into this car is going to be both significant and also subtle as well. Due to this reason. We can expect that there will be major and also minor changes in this car. Both the engine and body design which will be divided into the interior and exterior will receive many interesting changes as well. For most part the car will be looking more appealing.

Honda City 2019 Interior and Exterior design New Changes

One thing that will make the new Honda City looks epic and different is the new design. The new design is inspired by many car and it will be giving this car a more unique looks. The design of course will giving the car a more stylish design with interesting and effective body line to optimize its balance and stability. New color is also going to be primary new feature we can choose from.

Honda City 2019 Exterior Improvements and additional design can be seen on some of the new parts. For examples the new windshield is much more appealing, as well as the new bumper and front grille. There are some improvements in the car body design such as it is much more curved and a bit compact. The wheel will also receive improvements with new larger wheels.

Interior on the other hand, is quite subtle in terms of improvements, we can see that the interior is much larger than the previous entry. The design is designed to give a more futuristic and modern look with all black design interior. The cockpit will have some interesting new look with some new features such as new infotainment system to give better information about the car itself.

Honda City 2019 Engine, Release date and Price Latest Information

Engine is one of important part of any car design. Whatever we say, a simple car that can run in a better performance is better than a car that have great design but bad engine. Due to this reason alone, Honda try their best to improve the car engine. The car engine that will be applied will be two different engine which is 1, 5 liter capacity engine with four cylinder engine with i-VTEC features.

This engine can generate 119 horsepower and 107 torque which then supported with 6 speed manual transmissions system. There are also second engine which will become an alternative engine for this car. The second alternative is going to be diesel engine with 1, 5 liter capacity and four cylinder engine. This engine offer 101 horsepower and better torque with 146 lb-ft.

With all of the previous improvements and also changes inbound into this car, of course we are excited about when this car is going to be released. The release date of this car is not quite clear. However, it is expected that this car going to be released on the market on the year of 2019. The price on the other hand is expected to be ranged from $30.000 according to the specification of this new Honda City 2019.

Honda City 2019 Interior New FeaturesHonda City 2019 Facelift Spied Honda City 2019 India available in diesel & petrol versions

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