Hyundai I10 2019 Price, Rumors, Release Date


There are many rumors about the upcoming hatchback from Hyundai, the new Hyundai I10 2019. The rumors regarding the release of the car mostly talk about the redesign of it. It is said that the car might have bigger body thus lead to bigger capacity of the car. Besides that, it will also will most likely to get new layout as well. In terms of engine capacity, it might get new engine or maybe tweaked engine, creating better power and better riding experience.

Hyundai i10 2019 Hatchback Front Angle

Hyundai I10 2019 Engine Specs

The car is specified into the small to medium car, those there will be not any big engine under the hood. It is the 1.25-liter engine with electric motor. Even though it is relatively smaller capacity, it is definitely worth considering the size of the car. Moreover, the company will design the engine to be more well-balanced.

For the transmission, it will most likely will get an automatic transmission system. Combining it with the transmission, the car will have excellent fuel efficiency. Besides that, as the car is designed to be used in the city drive, there won’t be any major issues for the engine capacity.

Hyundai I10 2019 Exterior and Interior Redesign

There are quite number of changes made to the Hyundai I10 2019, both for the exterior and the interior. The most noticeable one will be windshield as it now has sharper angle compare to the previous model. The new design of the windshield definitely improves the aerodynamic of the car as well as increase the cabin capacity.

The grille of the car is designed with standards stripe and the emblem located just right on the center. There are also some parts of the car that catch the eyes lie the charcoal striped located under the door. For the headlight, it will use the LED technology with crystal-clear headlamp.

The redesign also be made to the interior of the car. As mentioned earlier, the cabin now has more space, allowing more capacity. Besides that, it will be also using the good material for the seats and the upholstery. Considering the price, it might won’t be the best material, but still it will give maximum comfort.

Hyundai I10 2019 Price and Release Date

Being in the small to medium type of car, making it relatively affordable compare to other cars in the same lineup. It can be purchased with only about $10.500 or in the United Kingdom, it is offered at 8000 pounds. As for the release, it is expected the it will make its appearance on the Paris Motor Show in October which means the Hyundai I10 2019 can enter the market around January 2019.

Hyundai i10 2019 Price in India Hyundai i10 2019 with Red ColorHyundai i10 2019 Hatchback Interior

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