Hyundai Santro 2019 Price, Specs, Redesign


One of the Hyundai entry-level vehicle, the Hyundai Santro 2019 is rumored to make its comeback. The car targets the developing countries especially in the South Asia region like India and Pakistan. It was first released back in 1998 and have some changes throughout the year. The rumors of the release of the car is based on the spy shots taken on the street around India and Pakistan. Based on the picture, it will have some change but not major.

Hyundai Santro 2019 Model in India

Hyundai Santro 2019 Exterior and Interior Redesign

The Hyundai Santro 2019 is the hatchback model vehicle. Means that it can be specified in to small to midsize car. It is designed to fulfill the family needs and model with “Family Design Concept”. It has several names based on its market area like the Atoz and Amica.

The design for the new car overall won’t change much, except for some improvement on several parts. The change can be seen on the glasshouse both on the front and the back which look slightly wider. The front and the back bumper will also have new design, featuring same fog lights, headlights, and the taillights on the back.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the interior design of the car. The probability of the car to have new feature is low considering the 2018 model has feature all of that and it will adopt precisely. We can’t expect too high on the features since the company try as much to reduce the cost without sacrificing the quality.

Hyundai Santro 2019 Engine Specs

The engine for the new car will most likely obtain the old engine without no major change. It is the 1.0-liter petrol engine or the 1.1-liter petrol engine. This engine can produce about 70 Horse Power. This engine can also be found in the similar car, the i10. It is paired with either 5-speed manual transmission or the 5-speeed automatic transmission.

Considering the car is for the low-end market, we can’t expect to much of a power nor millage to the car. It can’t be said as the bad vehicle though since the car can perform great in the urban area. There are also rumors that there will be alternative engine to be chosen like the 1.4-liter or the 1.6-liter. However, the power of those engine can’t be confirmed yet.

Hyundai Santro 2019 Price and Release Date

The release date of the car is yet to be known. This is due to there is no official announcement from the company yet. It will most likely to hit the market around the end of 2019. Since the car is targeting the entry-level market in specific area, the price to purchase a single car is pretty affordable. Hyundai Santro 2019 price is around 400.000 rupee and it increase base on trim. Hyundai Santro 2019 cannot be found other than in India, Pakistan or countries in South Asia.

Hyundai Santro 2019 New Model Revealed Hyundai Santro 2019 Price in India Hyundai Santro 2019 Interior Cabin

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