Skoda Yeti 2019 Price, Release Date and Review


The upcoming Skoda Yeti 2019 is rumored to undergo many changes. Even though it has been confirmed yet, car enthusiasts are expecting that at least minor changes will be present on the new model of Skoda Yeti. On the other hand, there is also speculation stating the possibility of this new model to be an all-new design. Further, there was also a report saying that the automaker aims to produce 1.5 million models of this new Skoda Yeti.

Skoda Yeti 2019 Price in India

Skoda Yeti 2019 Redesign and Changes

The new Skoda Yeti 2019 will get several improvements on the exterior. It will be featured with a more raked version of rear hatch which will be giving the new ride a much sleeker shape compared to the previous model. The new ride will also get slim taillights with Skoda’s signature light pattern. Completing the look is a four-light headlamps and clamshell bonnet which will also be present on the upcoming Kodiaq. In addition to it, the new Skoda Yeti also packs slim LED headlights and a wide grille.

As for the interior, it is expected that the new Skoda Yeti 2019 will be coming out with spacious cabin as well as the use of high quality materials. Rumors are saying that the new Skoda Yeti will be much more practical compared to the currently available model. It features more space in the cabin which makes it more comfortable for passengers.

The automaker uses high quality materials for the seats wrapped in leather upholstery. Moreover, it also features a number of high-functional amenities including GPRS and Smart Gate with Smart Link. Also, the new Yeti gets the SEAT Ateca which has a 510-litre load area makes the new car has an increase of over 100 liters on the current Yeti’s 416-litre capability.

Skoda Yeti 2019 Engine Specs

There will be two diesel engines and three other petrol engines available on the new Skoda Yeti 2019. The first engine option is a 1.4L TSI engine which is the basic engine. The engine is capable of making 121 horsepower and 148 pounds-feet of torque. The second engine option is a 1.4L TSI which is making an output of 150 horsepower.

As for the third engine powering the new Skoda Yeti 2019 is a 1.2L TSI which is capable of making 110 horsepower. Then, there will be Euro 6 diesel engine which will be a 2L TDI generating 110 horsepower. And, the other engine of 2 liters TDI which is making 110 hp.

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