VW Amarok 2019 USA Price and Release Date


The upcoming VW Amarok 2019 is scheduled to come out somewhere in the midterm of this year. It has been well known that Volkswagen has been popular for its pick-up trucks, and now, the automaker is ready to introduce the new Amarok. Further, this brand has also been well known for its ability and reliability. How about the 2019 model year?

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VW Amarok 2019 Redesign and Changes

It is expected that the new VW Amarok 2019 will come out with exceptionally nice exterior design. Reports are saying that the exterior of this new ride will be made with technologies and innovations. The exterior design makes this car a strong competitor in its segment. It is expected that the new Amarok comes with LED running lights which are integrated with magnificent inert gas headlamps.

To accommodate five passengers comfortably, the seats are made of good quality materials so that it would be comfortable even for a long drive. In addition to it, the front and hind bumpers are redesigned alongside the new front grille and ne body chrome accents and finishes.

Rumor has it that the interior of the new VW Amarok has been updated. The interior is crafted with Endless. It features a cinema style seat configuration which will have the hind seats lifted more than the front seats. In addition to it, it will also pack a six-inch LCD display at the centre console. Other features include a leather covered electric steering wheel, cruise control function, a manual A/C system, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as CD/MP3 player.

VW Amarok 2019 Engine Specs

There will be several engine options available for the ne VW Amarok 2019. The first engine available is a 2 L TDi engine which is capable of making 180 horsepower and 225 pounds-feet of torque. Another engine powering the new Amarok is a 4.2 L V8 engine which is making 420 horsepower. The engines will be paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or an eight-speed manual transmission.

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