VW Sharan 2019 Release Date, Price, Redesign


VW Sharan 2019 will become another crossover made by the Volkswagen, one of the most well-known car manufacturers in the world. The car has been improved in so many ways by the company each year. The upcoming year model will be another renewal from the company including its design, engine and some other things. However, it is still gray regarding the specific change and what kind of feature VW come up to this car.

VW Sharan 2019 Get New Equipment

VW Sharan 2019 Exterior and Interior Redesign

As mentioned above, the biggest change for the VW Sharan 2019 may be located on the design both the exterior design and the interior design. The reason for this is clear that the car wants to always improve moreover on the appearance. The car might even get bigger this time as to accommodate more space inside the cabin. The bigger body however won’t add more weight, in contrary the weight will remain the same or even get reduced due to the lighter but stronger material.

The change will be also made to most of the part. One of the most noticeable change is the design of the headlight. The design of the light will feature sharper edge line and has bigger appearance. The headlight then will be connected to the grille. While for the grille itself, it comes in chrome design.

The cabin of the car is spacious and comfortable which is the key point for the crossover as the selling point. The material used for the car is soft and comfy. There won’t be any plastic material for the part as the features will be using the leather, carbon fiber or the wooden material. The interior organization of the car is also well placed give it more compact look.

VW Sharan 2019 Engine Specs

The biggest change for the car is at the design. Thus, for the engine it will most likely remain the same as the old model. There will be two engine options for the car with each engine for certain trim. For the base model, it is equipped with 1.4-liter Turbocharged TSI petrol engine. This engine can generate around 140 to 150 Horse Power.

For the other engine, it is the 2.0-liter V4 engine which definitely has better power than the base model. Both the engine above will be paired with either 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. The default configuration for the car is actually the Front-Wheel-Drive mode, however, it probably has the AWD configuration as the option as well.

VW Sharan 2019 Price and Release Date

There is no exact date for the car to be released as the car hasn’t showed up in any Auto Show this far. Some rumors say that it may be start to be on sale on May 2019. The price for the VW Sharan 2019 itself start around $32.000 for the base model and it can be up to $45.000 for the best trim.

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